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Membership includes at NO additional cost
  • An Independent Family Physician for all visits and all ages!
  • Comprehensive Medical Care for you and your family!​
  • Chronic disease management - such as diabetes care, hypertension, cholesterol, heart disease, asthma, COPD, depression/anxiety, some pain management, and more...
  • Acute illness and infections
  • Minor office procedures on skin and below skin lesions
  • Repair of lacerations & biopsies of skin lesions
  • Cryotherapy to skin lesions (example warts)
  • splinting and casting
  • In-clinic treatments 
  • Pre-Employment physicals
  • College and sports physicals & WIAA physicals
  • Children's and Men's and Women's Well health physicals
  • (no birth-control prescriptions provided) see Contraception, Why not?
  • Help with finding LOW COST medicines, tests, and services when needed outside of the clinic.

Membership included no-charge In-Clinic Testing

In-clinic testing with Membership

at NO additional charge:

  1. ECG
  2. strep screens
  3. blood sugar checks
  4. urine testing
  5. urine pregnancy tests
  6. Phlebotomy (blood drawing) for outside labs
  7. other

Heavily Discounted Labs


      blood drawn, urine collected, cultures / tissue taken 

          and sent to a regional resource contracted lab for                  processing AT OUR COST plus minimal mark up fee.

There is NO blood drawing fee.

Transparency of cost at time of service.

We will make every effort to find out the cost and seek low cost radiology studies and other tests as available.

COMPARE THESE NUMBERS: (prices as of 12/27/23)

  • CBC only $5.90

  • Comprehensive Metabolic panel  or CMP only $5.43 

  • Cholesterol or Lipid panel only $8.18

  • Hemoglobin A1C is only $7.33

  • PSA prostate cancer screen only $16.89

  • PAP cervical cancer screen is only $40.00 (+ possible Quest add-on pathologist fees upto $40 additional) 

with other discounts!!!

Cardiac Monitoring

1.  Wellue Pulsebit EX ECG Monitor - is a 2 lead home ambulatory event recorder to evaluate for abnormal heart beat patterns.  With 1 to 5 minute recordings per activation, this can be a very effective test in evaluating for cardiac arrhythmias, but it requires manual activation.

This device can work by direct skin contact or by leads attached to two gel pads for cleaner signal.  Data is then downloaded and analyzed when the device is returned to our clinic.​

Cost? - Service is FREE to members for whom this test is indicated.

2.  TZ Medical Trident Pro Cardiac Monitor - is a service offered to members to monitor cardiac beating CONTINOUSLY for those rarer and hard to catch problems.

Other Prime Membership benefits

1. Timely, personalized, no-rush appointments are the norm at DIME Medical. We take the time to hear you, consider problems and options, and discuss with you the issues of your health.

2. Members receive 24/7 access to their physician through:

  • phone
  • texting
  • email
  • Phone or computer camera video home-visits or on the road!

with a Members-ONLY phone and email!

3.. DIME Medical has a cap of 300 Members currently accepted to ensure adequate time and availability of the doctor to all members. This is comparable to national average for DPC given hours of office care available.

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