Direct Primary Care  (DPC)

 It's like having a Doctor in your family!

What do You Get with DPC Membership?

With DIME Medical DPC Membership you get:

  • NO CHARGE: visits, procedures, & in-office tests
  • Acute illness & Chronic disease management
  • 24/7 contact with YOUR DOCTOR by phone, text, email & virtual home-visits on phone / computer      
  • Inexpensive labs - heavily discounted to 1/10th of what they would cost at traditional clinics
  • A doctor who cares about you AND what it costs you for that care!
  • Help with finding low cost medicines, tests, and services even when needed OUTSIDE of the clinic.  We know cost matters!
  • No time commitment - Try us for even just 1month!

Find out more at Membership services.  

So What Does it Cost?

Our fee system is simple and is a membership model - you pay your membership fee and pay for virtually nothing else in-clinic:

Adult $50 per month (only $600 per year)

Child $25 per month (only $300 per year)

Family $150 per month (only $1,800 per year)

Advance-pay Discounts 

There is a $35 registration fee one time for each member.

(with a maximum family registration fee of $100 total)

NO obligation time commitment. 

 Join for one month or longer - It is up to you!  

Some exclusions apply due to laws and noncompete contract.

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"I started DIME Medical DPC because I believe having a doctor should be both affordable and readily available to the average working person.  You should NOT need insurance for it, and you should know how much it will cost you right up front.

     DPC makes that possible in healthy times and at times of sickness 

----- at a known, constant, affordable price."

              - Dr. Michael Robiolio, MD

                     Family Physician

 Direct Primary Care (DPC)

at DIME Medical !

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

EMPLOYERS can save money on employee health, too!

Pay your doctor directly and SAVE! with DPC!

Convenient Office Hours

Monday 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Tuesday 2-4 PM & 5-8PM

Wednesday 2-4 PM & 5-8 PM

Thursday CLOSED

Friday 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday CLOSED

Members have 24 hr / 7 day access to their doctor by phone, email, text, . . . 

and video virtual-visits while at home or on the road!

with a MEMBER-ONLY phone number & email. 

So the doc is never far-away!

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DIME Medical

Welcome to DIME Medical! 

We are a Direct Primary Care Clinic, who's first focus is our patients. We put the needs of those we help first, by offering personalized health care. We take the time to listen, offer timely appointments, with a trusted Doctor who has served the Southwest Wisconsin area for the past twenty years. 

We at DIME Medical care about your healthcare needs.