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Transforming yourself into a Monster - What? - watch!

Every Parent Needs To Know This! | Jordan Peterson

Raising kids can be challenging and peppered with difficult times.

In this video Dr Peterson is sharing his best advice and useful tips how to navigate yourself in the world of parenting.

I hope advice in this video will help you to be the best parent you can possibly be! 

One Man's secular journey to finding the Bible to be remarkable!

Jordan Peterson, well known Canadian psychiatrist and speaker reflects on his journey to discovering the Wisdom of the Bible, not from blind faith, but from rational reflection and analysis.  

Why?  Find out! 

Jordan Peterson: 3 Hours for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE (MUST WATCH)

1,796,447 viewsMay 9, 2022

12 Rules for Life

The clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson sets out twelve profound and practical principles for living a meaningful life. His 12 Rules for Life will offer an antidote to the chaos in our lives: with eternal truths applied to our modern problems.

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